Tea Drops Individual Thai

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Just add ice for the perfect summer Iced Tea Drink.  Tea Drops are encased in convenient, single-serve packaging to be enjoyed anytime or anywhere.

Enjoy a Thai classic with this Thai Tea, everything you need to make a mug of this full-bodied caffeinated green tea! This traditional tea is best served iced with your favorite Asian cuisine, or to simply be enjoyed on a hot afternoon.


Sugar, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Thai Tea (Green Tea, FD + C Yellow NO. 6)

Nutrition facts (per serving): Calories: 20, Total Carbohydrate 5g, Sugars 5g

What's in the bottom of your cup:

Tea Drops are organic, finely ground whole leaf teas, pressed into cute shape.  The drop dissolves in boiling water but some remaining tea leaves do not. You will notice some grounded tea leaves at the bottom of your cup. These fibers are plant based and meant to be consumed. Swirl cup gently while consuming to capture every fiber-rich, Prebiotic-filled sip.